"As an adolescent, riding a bike was my vehicle of choice. Riding any time the weather permitted it. The store, the big park, or just to a friend's house - that thrill of the wind blowing was always in between destinations. My friends and I loved our bikes and as we grew, the bike eventually became an extension of our personality. We would even put plastic bottles on the back tire, just to give it a motorcycle feel. We were really biker boys, a tight niche of boys on bikes. Races, wheelies, endos, and all types of stunts soon followed. Eventually regular bikes weren't enough. GT Pro with the Pegs and Mags came on the scene. Mongoose soon followeD and mountain bikes weren't as cool. Till this day, I make time to ride though and that thrill of the wind blowing is still there... Guess the love for riding will always be within. Like they say,  "it's jusT like riding a bike..."